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Our Technology

We Turn Your QA Process Into A Business Intelligence Machine.

Sure, you might be monitoring your contact center and harvesting the data generated by your customers, but have you integrated it and turned it into actionable data? With ZViQ, we can provide your business with the tools and insights to truly understand what your customers are telling you.

What is ZViQ?

ZViQ is our proprietary and customized web platform that is based on Intelligent Quality – our methodology to ensure that each data point captured is of value to your individual program and corporate KPIs.

How Does ZViQ Work?

ZViQ’s intuitive design allows for real-time reporting through all levels of the enterprise – from vendor and site data, down to supervisor and agent performance. Each ZViQ deployment is unique, because all our clients are unique. We review the current state of your organization and desired goals, and then engineer a process and technology plan to move your business operations forward.

What Are Other ZViQ Benefits?

    • Full customization for viewing data how you like
    • Forms, definitions, procedures, and reports are built to your specific requirements
    • Any external data feed, including sales and VOC data, can be fully integrated into dashboards and reports
    • Intuitive design brings focus to trends, issues, and opportunities
    • Any client or vendor user can create evaluations in ZViQ, adding observations and assisting calibration.
    • All data is easily exported in a variety of formats

First Class IT Group

First Class IT Group

In addition to building and maintaining your ZViQ data and reporting platform, our IT Group also provides Speech Analytics Query Development & Analysis, and Data Analysis.

Improving Agent Performance

Improving Agent Performance

Our Targeted Evaluation and Feedback program for weak agents results in 40% fewer Call Defects and a 40-point improvement in NPS.

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