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Analysis And Remediation

True Business Intelligence Built On Sound Business Strategy.

Everyday, key information is being gathered about your performance, your customers, and their satisfaction. Few organizations can integrate this information to create a holistic view of their business.

At Zero Variance, we go beyond collecting observations and issuing reports by correlating business intel and providing solutions that really make a difference – and we work with you every step of the way to make that difference more impactful.

  • Our Senior Analysts manage team alignment with your point of view and gather feedback on customer behavior
  • Account Directors turn data and feedback into insights and actionable Business Intelligence
  • Our real-time reporting systems make trend analysis and issue identification easy and intuitive

Business Solutions That Deliver.

We take business intelligence one step further and implement our recommendations when your team needs additional support. We do the heavy lifting on initiatives, and take full project ownership or work in lock step with your team through collaboration.

    • Full Curriculum Design and Delivery
    • Customer Interaction Analysis, including Scripting and Call Flow recommendations
    • Training and Contact Center Audits to identify systemic weaknesses and skill gaps
    • Targeted Assessments to drive accelerated performance improvement within specific agent pools
    • Voice Of Customer data correlation to prioritize skill gaps for improved Net Promoter Scores

Our Team Is Your Team

Our Team Is Your Team

We work as an extension of your team to learn your specific business needs and understand key touch points – so you can achieve operational success.

Improving Agent Performance

Improving Agent Performance

Our Targeted Evaluation and Feedback program for weak agents results in 40% fewer Call Defects and a 40-point improvement in NPS.

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